Charter Of The City Of Cleveland  

Chapter 1. Powers Of City

Note: The original City Charter was adopted by the electors at a special election on July 1, 1913, certified to the Secretary of State on July 4, 1913, and effective January 1, 1914. Dates appearing in parentheses after a section heading indicate the effective date of such section either as an amendment, new enactment or repeal.

The inclusion of the Charter of the City of Cleveland in this publication of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Cleveland has suggested the desirability of providing chapter arrangement and titles for the respective sections of the Charter, and accordingly these have been supplied by the editor, although they do not appear in the Charter as adopted and amended by the electors.

Chapter 1   Powers of City

Chapter 3   Nominations and Elections

Chapter 5   The Council

Chapter 7   Initiative and Referendum

Chapter 9   Conflicting Ordinances

Chapter 11   The Executive

Chapter 13   Departments and Divisions

Chapter 15   Department of Law

Chapter 17   Department of Finance

Chapter 19   Department of Public Utilities

Chapter 21   Transit System Operation

Chapter 23   Public Health

Chapter 25   Police and Fire Service

Chapter 27   Civil Service

Chapter 29   Merit System for Transit Employees

Chapter 31   Improvements and Assessments

Chapter 33   Appropriation of Property

Chapter 35   Franchises

Chapter 37   Officers and Employees

Chapter 39   Amendments and Charter Review